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This is my little corner, a place to nest and to share with you my thoughts, hopes, dreams and wishes. Cherish the moments that touch your heart and embrace them.
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Tammy ^j^

Sunday, December 13, 2009

~Give Away Goodies

I have posted some really nice give aways from some really talented artists! I have all the information posted with each picture. Go check out their blogs to see how you can get your name into their drawings!

Lynn has outdid herself! She has so many goodies to give away you will have to put up several stockings this year! Here is the link to her site: http://paintingthymeneedfuls.blogspot.com/ so you can go sign up to try to win!

Karen has a really sweet set! Here is the link to her blog but you better hurry because she is picking a winner on the 15th! http://thebarelythereprimitivebear.blogspot.com/

Jenny has an adorable set to give away! Here is Jenny's link for the drawing! http://countryrusticprimitives.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 3, 2008

Playing Catch UP~

Ok, I am trying to play catch up and time seems to be going quicker and quicker! Today is sun shiny weather and we are the windy state again. My oh my the wind is howling! I do love the Fall back time though.

Lets see where shall I begin? Well lets start with last week and my day from hell! I was washing my face with astringent and you ladies I am sure how that burns! In my mind I was going to use eye make up remover but that is not what my hands did. You guessed it! I am wiping away and oh Crap my EYE!!!! Burned like fire and I thought what the hell! I am throwing water into my eye. I had been in a hurry and grabbed the astringent instead. Ok that is funny. Right?

Then I proceed to grab the basket of dirty clothes run down the first flight of stairs and what the hell is that I just stepped in??? My arms are full, foot in mid air and there is cat PUKE on my foot!!! Oh yum!

And that is pretty much how my whole day went. Don't you just hate those days?

I had my little girls birthday party with her friends yesterday and it was a beautiful day!!!! Maycayla will turn 6 on Wednesday and she is so excited.

Halloween was fun and it was another beautiful day. My hubby downloaded on the other computer so I will have to have the pics downloaded onto this one so I can post the pics hopefully tonight. My girls were Cinderella and Hannah! They just love playing dressup.

I hope you all enjoyed your evening of Spooky spirits! Just think Turkey day not too far away and Christmas is around the corner. Oh ya don't we know it. I went to Wallyworld at 10:30pm Sat night after my crop night at my shop and Christmas music was playing. UG not yet toooooo sooooon! But I do love Christmas just not yet. Lets enjoy this beautiful season and not think about that yet!!!

As Always
~Peaceful Blessings to You and to Yours~

Monday, October 20, 2008

~Still OPEN~

Ok it is way past my bed time but I have a million things to do and the rest will have to wait until morning. I had to write on my blog because I thought this is kind of funny!

I was leaving my shop on Thursday to go home and I went to pick up my store sign at the end of the street like I always do and guess what? My sign was gone, again. This sign was a lot bigger than my other sign and heavy. My husband cut the wood, stenciled,painted, clear coated it and even carved out a nice arrow to point to turn. I am pretty sure I know who took it but I did not get to catch them this time. Here is the kicker they took it in broad day light! I called partyline and I took out an ad in our shopper. I listed a reward for information and I hope someone steps forward that might of seen who took it because I will press charges.

Everyone I have spoken to about this has told me that I need to call the police. I was hoping this person might return it, I believe in giving someone the benefit of the doubt especially in the case of such a childish incident. Well still no sign. So I guess when I get back to the store I will file a report.

It is such a shame now days the way people behave. What happen to the good ole days? Those days now are few and in between and it is such a shame.

On a more happier subject Heidi Blankenship came to teach a class at the store today and it was a lot of fun! I made some beautiful cards (well I copied hers) but I made them. LOL. She really is a very good teacher! You can read all about it by checking out my store blog here:

Wanted to say Happy Birthday to Grandma. She turned 82 on Saturday! We celebrated tonight after the card class. All the trimmings mmm yum! I think granny really liked it.

My mom also came down to the shop today for the class. She really enjoyed herself. I am sure she will be coming down for more!

Well I have to hit the sack past 3 am and I am a fool!

~Peaceful Blessings to You and to Yours~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

~My Little Corner Shop~

Hello to All~
Well I told you that I would get my pictures posted this week of my shop~ Scrapping on the Go & Pictures Delight Photography by Michael J.. This is my home away from home and I LOVE IT! It relaxes me and I could stay here forever! So take a little stroll with me and I will show you around.

This is the store front. The owners are getting ready to paint YAAA! I am sure it will look nice. The owners of the buildings are wonderful people! I am a lucky person!

This is what you will see as soon as you walk into my shop. There is a big wall towards the back and I thought this suited the wall very well. This quote completes the shop.

Ok, check out the curtains, yup, paper. I LOVE paper and this is from Pink Paislee. Love their products! Yes, I have their beautiful products here at Scrapping on the Go. The lace is Artsylicous by Chatterbox. Oh, ya baby I carry their products too. And MMM ya yummy! A beautiful line that I am also proud to carry. You can not really see them very well but there are little crystal beads on the bottom of the curtain that seem to add that little touch! Those are from my Heidi Swapp line. She has really fun items that I love too. I guess I love everything I have in my store! My motto is, "You have to love what you sell". There is not one item I carry that I would not use in scrapbooking. I have all quality items in a very unique little store with a lot to offer.

This is the kid's corner. Parents can shop and let the kids play in a very "kid safe environment" . The children love it!More pictures of all the goodies!

This is my little ole corner. I love old vintage things and so I mixed it up in this corner. This is my favorite area.

More product! There is Maya Road and 7 Gypsies and Tim Holtz. Lots of goodies!
The kitchen area. This is a good meeting area! My scrappers love this area when I have the goodies out! This is another fav, it's where I keep the coffee hot!

This is the Scrap room. I can seat up to 11 very comfortably and this is where people make their magic happen!

I hope you have enjoyed My Little Corner Shop and yes my shop is also really on a corner. I guess that kind of fits my blog name. LOL My husband Mike shares the scrap room with me. When he has photo shoots we take down the tables and chairs and he sets up his stuff. We also have a Kodak Picture Maker so the customers love that part of it too. The two shops work hand in hand together. You can create a memory with Mike and scrap a keepsake with Tammy. Thanks for stopping by!

Also, to all of you Grandparents out there:

HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! So here is to my grandparents and my children's Grandparents: My mom Barb, Grandma Esther and my mother-in-law Dee! I hope you all had a great day!!

As Always~Peaceful Blessings to You and to Yours~


Monday, September 1, 2008

~Labor of Love~

Labor Day Blessings to all of YOU! It does not matter if you work 80 hours away from home or stay home and take care of children, a family member or whatever if you have to do to make a living. This is your day! May you enjoy the weather by kicking back and doing something that you love to do.

We cooked out, well hubby cooked out and I hibernated in. The hot weather and I do not get along too well. Kids played and now I am writing with a hot cup of Java and mmmm a chocolate biscotti! Just one of my favs! Went and purchased a BIG container of them with three kinds in there. A minute on my lips and forever on my hips, I know that old saying but hey they are both paid for and I will only live once! LOL In that case I might have another, (wink & smile) while I lick the chocolate off of my lips. My mother got me started on these, I blame her, LOL. Baaaadddd habit!

Ok, so how do you like the above pics? My husband has been working hard on his part of our new shop. His part is Pictures Delight Photography by Michael J. . He is doing such a good job! I would love to post some of the work he has been doing with some of his customers but I do not have the rights he does but I can post my girls. The first one is Cayla being a model, still loves her picture being taken. The middle one is my baby McKenzie. I know kind of a boyish look but I like it! And the one where she is wearing a hat, well need I say more?

Here is my Macayla. Mike has been testing out some new things and this is her in the stars but to me it looks like she is a mermaid coming out of the water. I can hardly wait to create a scrapbook page with this. I am kind of excited to get that done along with the other one million things that I want to do. LOL Isn't she pretty!
And here we are my hubby, Mike and that's me. We never get our picture taken together and we needed it for an ad that was going in the paper. So here we are at 2 am, he set up in our home, set the timer and wola here we are! I had to post it because other than our engagement picture and wedding picture this is the next one in line. I think it is a very nice picture of us together.
So with a ~Labor of Love~ I guess one can accomplish so much. Mike forgot to take pictures of our shop this past week so we will try to get them on my blog this week sometime. Hope you have great week!
~As Always Peaceful Blessings to You and Yours~